Welcome to the home of the National Governing Body (NGB) of VX in Scotland.

VX Scotland is the first Independent NGB in the sport of VX and strives to advance the public participation within VX in Scotland. We offer programmes to help develop players, coaches and referees within the sport and also offer opportunities for achieving qualifications.

We look to support all clubs, schools and individuals associated to VX Scotland, helping them to achieve their goals using our staffs extensive knowledge of VX, modern coaching techniques and the sporting structure in Scotland.

VX. Essentially it’s a mixture of lacrosse and dodge ball where players use a VstiX (like a double ended lacrosse stick) to launch low pressure tennis balls at opposing players for points. Hitting an opponent with the ball gets points, missing doesn’t. Quite simple. It sounds painful but trust us, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s a non-contact sport where men and women compete on a level playing field either on mixed teams or against each other. There are two main formats V2, which is 1V1 in a squash court, and V10 which is 5v5 in a sports hall. There is more than one ball in play so it is fast and unbelievably fun. The sport itself encourages lots of positive characteristics, eg. Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Inclusivity to name just a few.