The Scottish National V2 League

With a new year comes new ideas and projects. For the first time in VX, Scotland will run a National V2 League, comprising of a divisional system and being fed by local leagues.

2016 will be the pilot year for this system focusing purely on a single division of youth players. Each division will consist of 10 players and will run along several weeks between the months March and September. In total there will be 90 games in 2016, with the looks of that tripling in 2017 with the inclusion of 2 more divisions.

As the sport grows in Scotland, so will the national league, with the potential of it holding 9 divisions when in full flight.

This is a major step forward for the young NGB. The first step towards a brighter future.

More information coming soon.

About vxscotland

The National Governing Body for VX in Scotland.
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