National League Dates 2016

With our previous announcement of the very first Scottish National V2 League coming this year, we have had a lot of logistics to work out.

Obviously as stated in the name, the whole competition will be run based on the V2 rule set. Our main focus this year will be the Youth Category with the view to expand this next year. Unlike most National V2 Leagues though, this one will be run over several months. Not only does this add a more league feel to it, but it brings in more factors to who will win overall. Players will not just have to make sure that they are in form for a single day or a single weekend but they will have to make sure they are in top form throughout the season.

This does sound like a logistical nightmare when trying to make sure that it runs for a whole season smoothly but with enough effort, it will run as planned. The VXS committee will be closely managing and monitoring the whole league system, making sure that it runs at a high standard and will be taking notes for any improvements that need to be made ready for 2017. Players will also receive a two fixture pass that will allow them to rearrange two of their fixtures in the season to one of the catch up game days. This was decided to be done to make sure that players have some flexibility but also, if they are unavailable for what ever reason, they may not have to forfeit their games. If the players do however, have to miss more than two fixtures, the extra missed fixtures will have to be counted as a forfeit.

Below is the 16 key current dates for the entire league:

  1. 14th to 19th March – Entry Period
  2. 25th March – Briefing Meeting
  3. 9th April – Game Day 1
  4. 16th April – Game Day 2
  5. 23rd April – Game Day 3
  6. 30th April – Game Day 4
  7. 4th June – Game Day 5
  8. 11th June – Game Day 6
  9. 18th June – Game Day 7
  10. 25th June – Game Day 8
  11. 2nd July – Game Day 9
  12. 9th July – Game Day 10
  13. 16th July – Game Day 11
  14. 17th July – Catch up Date 1
  15. 23rd July – Game Day 12
  16. 24th July – Catch up Date 2

All dates above for the Game Days are not set in stone and can be moved around but this will be organised and discussed with all players and officials.

Each game day will be a 2hr session allowing for 8 fixtures. Some players may have more than one fixture on a game day but we will make sure that sufficient time between games will be available for rest. During the month of May, we will not hold any fixtures at all with it being exam period for schools. We want to ensure that all participants are given the time they require to focus on their studies during this stressful period.

Entry period will be open to all who qualify for the league. An online entry form will be available for the selected players and instructions will be given out to each individual via their club.

The briefing meeting will be held in advance of the first game day. This will explain how each session will be organised, what players will need and what they should expect of each session. Rules and regulations will also be discussed at the session and there will also be time for individuals to raise any questions or issues they have to the committee.

Representatives will be on hand throughout the competition to ensure feedback is received by VXS. All feedback is taken seriously and we will try to accommodate for all comments made.

All clubs will be made aware of all the information, requirements and arrangements for the league. If you are interested in taking part in the league, do make sure to notify your club coaches so that the necessary actions can be taken.

Any questions, or if you wish to get in touch with us, please visit our contact page.

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