Falkirk Cannons Cadet League

Over the last few months, VX in the Falkirk area has taken a new step up in growth and participation. Primary Schools in particular are introducing the sport to their students with the help of VX Scotland’s Schools Sport Liaison Officer and Falkirk Cannons VX Club working along side Active Schools.

On the 12th March, Falkirk Cannons hosted what was the very first Cadet V2 league in Scotland. This consisted of two categories P4-5 and P6-7. 10 players in total participated to have a chance to be crowned champions within their category. This is an excellent achievement for the club, who now have both Cadets and Youths competing in internal competitions. The club itself is open to most categories from Cadet to Masters with active members in all. Training sessions are split to provide the best environments for the players to enjoy the sport of VX. For more information about the club see their website www.falkirkcannonsvx.com

[Images courtesy of Falkirk Cannons VX Club]

Growth in this area is a vital one for the sport as it provides the starting point for the future stars to get involved. As sports go, VX is one that not only advertises highly positive qualities within it’s participants but also provides a huge amount of motor development for kids. The sport uses the whole body, whether that be handling the VX Stick to control the ball and shoot, or to maneuver their body to dodge and run after on coming balls. All in all, this sport provides a great environment for kids to develop and have fun.

We would like to congratulate both Katie Robinson (P4-5 Champion) and Gregor McGee (P6-7 Champion) for their excellent display of VX and taking home the trophies.

We can’t wait to hear the impact the league will have in the future. Along with the current growth in the Falkirk area, this has the potential to be huge.

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