Senior/Master Scottish National V2 League 2017

On the 11th & 12th February Scotland saw the very first Senior and Master Scottish National V2 League taking place. An expansion from last years trial run of the Youth National V2 League, the same system was reviewed, improved and extended to the Master and Senior categories for the first time this year.

Although with low numbers in Scotland for the two categories, it was felt that they should not be ignored the chance to also fight for a national ranking within the sport of VX. The league was ran across two mornings, ensuring those who had a poor day on the Saturday had a chance to fight back and steal the title on the Sunday.

Each day had several league games but also inter league friendlies too, so the Master players had their chance to show the Senior players how it was done. Every player gave their all in each game and it really showed. Day 1 had 576 points scored from 7 games whilst day 2 saw an even more impressive 1035 points scored from 7 games. The determination to win can just been seen in the points alone, with the pressure to win encouraging an even fiercer battle on the second day.

One game in particular showed just how close some of the games were. Tony Nield vs Gordon Archibald in the Master League, played twice over the course of the two days. On both occasions, there was only 2 points between them, with Gordon winning the first round and Tony the second. This lead to an exciting 1 minute sudden death, which Gordon won by 3 points to take the Master league title.

This along with the rest of the games played throughout the weekend really showed how players can have a completely different game from one day to the next and how close the standards are of the top flight players in Scotland.

The finishing league positions are as followed:

Senior Division One
Pos Name GP W L PF PA PD Pts
1 Scott MacMichael 4 4 0 375 248 127 12
2 Robyn Taylor 4 2 2 394 290 104 6
3 Cameron McIntyre 4 0 4 170 401 -231 0
Master Division One
Pos Name GP W L PF PA PD Pts
1 Gordon Archibald 2 2 0 117 114 3 6
2 Tony Nield 2 0 2 114 117 -3 0

Every player did themselves and their club’s proud. The effort, determination and sportsmanship on display throughout the league was exemplary.

The award ceremony on Day 2 had a more touching and memorable start. In the middle of January 2017, Euan MacIntyre sadly passed away. A loving, supportive father and Master VX player, the news of Euan’s passing came as a shock to the VX community in Scotland. In remembrance of his life, a minute silence was held before moving forward with the awards.

Overall, the league was a success. Not only are the first Senior and Master leagues now up and running, but everyone who took part has praised the event, the officials and the organisation done to provide it.

Scottish National V2 League 2017 - Senior Division One & Master Division One

Scottish National V2 League 2017 – Senior Division One & Master Division One

See below for all the game results across the two days:

Full Results 2017
Game Name Score Score Name
1 Cameron 43 VS 88 Scott
2 Robyn 74 VS 102 Scott
3 Cameron 46 VS 111 Robyn
4 Tony 51 VS 53 Gordon
5 Tony 57 VS 35 Cameron
6 Scott 84 VS 46 Gordon
7 Tony 28 VS 35 Robyn
8 Scott 99 VS 93 Robyn
9 Scott 86 VS 38 Cameron
10 Robyn 116 VS 43 Cameron
11 Gordon 53 (*11) VS 55 (*8) Tony
12 Gordon 80 VS 108 Robyn
13 Scott 73 VS 70 Tony
14 Gordon 49 VS 53 Cameron
*Bracket scores are Sudden Death round result

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