About VX Scotland

VX Scotland is the National Governing Body of the sport of VX in Scotland. Our mission is to advance public participation in the sport of VX in Scotland.

Who are we:

VX Scotland is made up of a collection of volunteers from a huge range of backgrounds, from Graphic Design to Electronic Engineering but all with a common interest: VX. Each have pledged time to allow the NGB to be formed and all aim to spread the amazing sport of VX throughout Scotland.

Below is the list of our volunteers:

President– Jack Brown

Vice President – Gordon Archibald

Secretary – Gordon Archibald

Treasurer – Tony Nield

Lead Protection Officer – Sara Plummer

Schools Sport & Clubs Liaison Officer – Meghan Plummer

Parent Representative – James Taylor

Youth Player Representative – Aimee Caldwell

Youth Player Representative – Kristin Scobbie

Youth Player Representative – Emma Robinson

Senior Player Representative – Cameron McIntyre

Our committee wants to hear the views of everyone in Scotland involved with the sport. We have a representative system inbuilt into our NGB that will allow players, parents, coaches and referees to have their voices heard.


VXS Child Protection

VXS Code of Conduct

VXS Constitution

VXS Disciplinary, Grievance & Appeal Policy

VXS Equality & Diversity Policy

VXS Privacy Policy

VXS Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy

VX Scotland (VXS) is a Charity Registered in Scotland – SC046564

VX Scotland is not affiliated to Global VX or VXUK.