Get Involved

Although VX isn’t a main stream sport, it is still relatively easy to get involved with. Local schools and clubs will provide new players and experienced players the facilities and equipment to take part in VX at a really low cost.

If playing isn’t your thing, then there are loads of other opportunities to get involved. Refereeing and coaching are great examples of not only developing yourself but also providing help to the local VX community.

We also have plenty of opportunities within the VX Scotland team itself. Whether it be management, representative or an officer position you fancy having a go at, we will provide the support for you to be able to get to the position you desire.

Setting up your own club is another great way to get involved and a lot more simple than it sounds. VX Scotland provides an extensive amount of support from a highly experienced team, allowing you to setup quickly and safely.

For more information and our starter pack, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

CannonRose Trophy 2015

CannonRose Trophy 2015 – Image courtesy of June Plummer

Here at VXS, we try to make things as simple as possible because no one likes the long way round. A quick email to us can start you off on your VX adventure and we are always here to help guide and support our members so that they achieve their goals.

Feel free to search our Clubs & Schools page for VX near you!