VX Scotland is always looking to expand its voluntary staff, furthering the development and the reach across Scotland in VX. All our staff are volunteers providing their time to the sport, each with their own section to be responsible for.

As with one of the corner stones of the sport being Inclusivity, we welcome anyone to apply for our roles. Even if you have no experience, we will provide you with support and guidance to ensure you are comfortable and developing your skills to achieve success within your chosen role.  Training courses are usually available and you will be notified of any that are applicable to you and may be of interest.

Even if there are no roles currently listed below, please feel free to contact us about your interest to get involved with VXS. We welcome anyone who wishes to help develop and grow the sport in Scotland.

Below is a list of opportunities that are currently available to apply for. Each one will require an interview and a PVG check before starting.

Development Officer

As VX expands across Scotland, we require more and more development staff to manage the sport. We currently have a strong presence in the Falkirk and surrounding area but are now seeing interest coming from further afield. Development Officers will be key to our development plan and moving the sport forwards in Scotland. Responsibilities include: Equipment management, organisation of taster sessions / support to the local community, organisation of local competitions and the growth of the sport in your local area.

This can be quite a time consuming role but we aim to have a team of Officers for each area to share the work load and expertise.

Key Skills/Characteristics: Communication, Time Management, Organisation, Friendly, approachable and Team Work.

No experience is required for the role but any experience related to this type of work is desirable.

Competitions Manager

The Competition Manager at VXS will be responsible for the planning, organisation and running of any competitive events ran by the NGB. Including the National Leagues. Communication is a key skill required for this position, with problems occuring during the events that will need to be solved.

Required Skills: Communication, Organisation, Time Management, Problem Solving and Team Work.

No previous experience of event management required but would be a bonus.

Qualifications Manager

The Qualifications Manager at VXS will be responsible for organising and marketing the courses, developing the material for the courses and liaising with external sources/contacts involved with the qualifications. Time management and organisation will be key skills required for this position, with work for our courses being planned months in advance.

Required Skills: Time Management, Organisation, Communication, Creativity and Competent IT Skills.

No previous experience of management required but would be a bonus.

Representative Positions

All our representative positions are voted in each year at our AGM. Positions that are filled mid-way through the year are given an extra year in the role to settle. The main role of the reps are to communicate the opinions of their category to the committee of VXS. These roles are the back bone to decision making and has a detrimental effect on the running of VXS.

Required Skills/Characteristics: Communication, Approachable and Friendly.

No previous experience required. See list below for available positions:

  • Senior Player Rep
  • Master Player Rep
  • Officials Rep
  • Coaches Rep