Membership to the NGB is quite simple and is completely free for individuals! Just fill in one of the forms below and you will receive a confirmation email asap. You don’t need to be a player, coach or referee to be a member, supporters are also welcome to join and will receive our quarterly newsletter.

Clubs wanting to join us will have an annual charge of £2 for every member they have. For example, a club of 3 people will only have to pay £6 for the year whilst clubs with 40 members will have to pay £80. Club’s that sign up after June each year will only have to pay 50% membership fee as membership expires January 1st each year.

Schools wishing to sign up get their membership free of charge.

To sign up to VX Scotland, see the links to the forms at the bottom of the page.

Membership Benefits:

  • Support from a community of people who are highly experienced with teaching, coaching and spreading the sport in Scotland.
  • Access to VX Scotland competitions.
  • Access to our National Programmes.
  • Access to our members quarterly newsletter.
  • Free taster sessions for schools and clubs.

Membership expires on January 1st of each year. We will notify you that your membership is up for renewal within December each year.

Membership Types:

We have three types of membership, the links for the forms can be found below:

Individual Membership – For those wanting to register themselves with VXS.

Club Membership – For those wanting to register a Club with VXS.

School Membership – For those wanting to register a School with VXS.