As the NGB in Scotland, we strive to ensure we produce the best players, coaches and referees. To do this we have our National Programmes/Competitions. These look to push, support and develop players to new levels within the sport. Only the best coaches and referees will run these allowing players access to the highest quality sessions/events. Along with targeting players, coaches and referees also have access to develop through specific programmes designed purely for them. All in all, the national element for Scotland pushes all boundaries in the sport, making sure we raise the bar for quality and excellence in VX.

The seasonal structure for our competition based events is worked around the players themselves. Each year we re-design the competitions allowing each player representative to mould the events into what the players want. Within each season we try our best to accommodate for prime academic study periods too, e.g. Exam Periods. Most of our competitions will either have a break around and during exams/major events, or will completely avoid them.

Below is a list of our Current National Programmes/Competitions:

The Scottish National V2 League

Player Performance Workshops

Refereeing Workshops


The Scottish National V2 League 2016 - Youth Division One

The Scottish National V2 League 2016 – Youth Division One