Refereeing Workshops

As part of the National Programmes, we are introducing a new type of event for people to get involved with. One of the issues we have previously seen throughout sport is the difference in understanding and interpretation of rules. To help reduce the occurrence of this issue in Scotland, we are providing refereeing workshops.

These workshops will be purely based on providing an environment for referees to attend, practice, get tips and also have questions answered. Members of our Assessing team will be present at the events to provide support in the development of the referees.


These workshops are available across the whole of Scotland. We will work on a request basis where members will be able to request the workshop to be held in their area. For more information or to request a workshop, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


As with all services at VX Scotland, we keep the price to a minimum. Charges will be fully explained and spread across the entire group partaking in the workshop. Charges usually just cover facility hire and travel costs of the session leader.

Workshops Available

See below for a current list of workshops. To sign up for a workshop or if you wish to request one nearer to you, contact us via email or our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Date Location Topics Price PP