VX Scotland is currently in the process of producing its own Coaching and Refereeing qualifications that will comply with Scottish and UKCC standards. We understand that other Governing Bodies within the sport offer similar qualifications but to ensure quality and consistency of ability, only VX Scotland Qualifications will be recognised.

Our Qualification Structure is as follows:


  1. Activators
  2. Level 1 Coach (Assistant Coach)
  3. Level 2 Coach (Senior Coach)
  4. Level 3 Coach (Regional Coach)
  5. Level 4 Coach (National Coach)


  1. Level 1 Referee (Club Referee)
  2. Level 2 Referee (Regional Referee)
  3. Level 3 Referee (National Referee)

We provide many offers and deals with our courses, ranging from attaining a level 1 coaching qualification with 60% off to bundle deals for groups. If you are interested in taking one of the courses please contact us for more information.

We offer a large range of support to our coaches and referees, making sure they are comfortable with everything they are doing at all times. A few examples of the support we provide are: Details of coaching insurance companies, ensuring further educational opportunities are available for our coaches and making sure everyone is PVG checked.

Other VX Governing Bodies qualifications will be transferable as long as the following criteria is met: The coach/referee holds an equivalent qualification in another sport that is UKCC recognised and they have been PVG checked by VX Scotland.