Vision & Mission

Mission Statement:

  • To advance public participation in the sport of VX in Scotland.

Our Aims & Objectives:

  • To provide free taster sessions to schools (Primary and Secondary), Universities, Active Schools, other Sports Clubs and any other institution or group.
  • To provide development routes so that those who get involved have a path to where they want to be in the sport.
  • To provide support in the setting up of new clubs where required.
  • To provide training for players, coaches and referees within the sport.
  • To monitor, develop and grow the sport of VX in Scotland.
  • To promote VX within Scotland.
  • To govern VX within Scotland by ensuring all members adhere to the four principles we stand for: Integrity, Respect, Honour and Inclusivity.
  • To organise National & Regional competition within Scotland between associated club’s & teams.
  • To represent the participants of VX in Scotland at an international level.
  • To guide and help associated clubs/members where necessary.
  • To organise, train and manage the international VX squads representing Scotland.

Our 5 Year Plan:

Below is a brief outline of our main aims for the next 5 years. This is a rough timeline that will actively change as developments progress.

First Year (2016)

  • Coaching Qualifications Developed (Level 1 to 4) to UKCC Standard
  • Refereeing Qualifications Developed (Level 1 to 3)
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program designed
  • Design Performance Development Program
  • Build up Representatives’ Positions within NGB and Roles/Involvement

Second Year (2017)

  • Implement Performance Development Program
  • Implement CPD
  • Work Towards Getting the Sport into Education System
  • Begin Talks with Universities with aim to set up new clubs
  • Start Regional Competitions
Third Year (2018)
  • Plan National V2 & V10 Tournaments
  • Push for Schools to use within Sports Education
  • Identify and Build Relationship with a University
Fourth Year (2019)
  • Run National Tournaments
  • Build up Regional Competitions
Fifth Year (2020)
  • Have at least one University Club setup
  • Look  to Start Plans for Inter-School Competitions/Events
  • SportScotland Recognition (Target)